Nieuwe SQAS vanaf 01 01 2019

Alle SQAS questionnaires zijn gewijzigd en zullen per 01 01 2019 zonder overgangstermijn van kracht worden.

SCT Adviesdiensten verzorgt op woensdag 31 oktober een workshop van een halve dag over de wijzigingen inzake de Core en Transport Services. De locatie zal nader worden bepaald. De deelname kosten bedragen € 155 excl. btw  per persoon. U kunt zich bij interesse alvast aanmelden.


De wijzigingen zijn in hoofdlijnen zijn aangeduid (opgave volgens Cefic):

SQAS 2019 Core
1. New structure:

Current structure:
1 Management
2 Safety, Health, Environment & Security & CSR
3 Procurement of services

New Structure:
1 Management system and responsibility
2 Risk Management
3 Human Resources
4 On/off site emergency response and preparedness and response
5 Performance analysis and management review

2. Upgraded section about information technology security.
3. New questions about measures to avoid that particles of plastic/flakes/powder that are lost during transportation, handling, cleaning or storage reach rivers, lakes or the sea.
4. Upgraded section about the annual management review.

SQAS 2019 Transport Service
1. 80 questions deleted/merged (most of them with high average scores).
2. 100 questions reworded to state the requirements more precisely.
3. Improved definition of the assessment criteria for subcontracted companies that are not SQAS assessed.
4. New section about management of transport greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
5. Upgraded section “Transfer Terminals for Containers” including reference to new guidelines.
6. New section “Transport of plastics, polymers and dry products”.
7. Upgraded section “Handling practices of Food, Food contact Materials and Feed Products”.
8. Reference to new Cefic/ECTA/Fecc guidelines.

SQAS 2019 Tank Cleaning
1. Upgraded section about managing of water discharges.
2. New questions about measures to avoid that particles of plastic/flakes/powder from cleaning silos get into waterways.
3. Improved section about heating of loaded tanks/vehicles.

SQAS 2019 Warehouse
1. Upgraded section about physical security.
2. New section for bagging or packaging operations of solids products.
3. New section about subcontracted services (moved from the SQAS Core).
4. 13 questions deleted/merged.
5. Upgraded section about handling of Food, Food contact and Feed products ingredients.
6. New questions about measures to avoid that particles of plastic/flakes/powder that are lost during storage/operations reach rivers, lakes or the sea.

SQAS 2019 Rail

The numbering of the questions of the SQAS 2018 Rail questionnaire were aligned with the numbering of the SQAS 2019 Core questionnaire. The text of the questions/guidelines were not changed.

ESAD questionnaires
1. The Distribution (Di) questionnaire was replaced by the “SQAS Core + ESAD Supplement” to improve the alignment with the rest of SQAS.
2. Relevant questions from other modules were introduced in the “SQAS Core + ESAD Supplement” and the Site (S) questionnaire.
3. The Chlorinated Solvent (CS) and the F&G questionnaires were amended to be in line with the other ESAD questionnaires.

Nieuwe SQAS vanaf 01 01 2019

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